Do you want to learn the Greek Language and you are looking for the best?

Fortunately, you came to the right place! Here you can find all the information you might need about Greek Language lessons, programs and we can show you our strong points that make us stand out of the competition. Perhaps this makes it easier for you to choose!


Our approach at Greek Language Lessons

From the beginning, students learn to speak, read and write in Greek in a motivating and collaborative atmosphere. During their lessons, they examine different communicative situations and they learn to respond to them.
At Lato, we can prove you that Greek can be challenging but also funny. Exactly like playing a game. See what our students say  …

Our Strong Points

  • Lato is more than just a language school. We focus only on one language: Greek.  We love what we do and at Lato we do it exactly as we dreamt, with the right people in the right position. Every day we try to do better what we already know to do well.
  • Lato is a Centre for Greek culture & language, which means that we focus on spreading this and we try to treat them as a common good, not as a product.
  • Until now we are proud to say that we have only satisfied students, that is why we dare to set the bar even higher and we are sure you will enjoy your lessons. If not, we give you your money back. See more at General Terms and Conditions.
  • Whatever your level is, whether absolute beginner or advanced student, at Lato there is always a suitable course for you. Even if you wish just to talk a little bit with Greek friends during your vacations or you have a Greek partner and you have a strong motivation to learn the language, at Lato we are able to turn your wish into reality and we are always willing to help you choose the right course or type of lessons.
  • With an experience of about 20 years in teaching and having worked for the Hellenic American University, embassies, multinational companies and Cultural Centres, we know how to find out your pace, to realize your special needs, to answer all your questions and, in short, to do what we promise.
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