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Greek Exams Lab

What is the Exams’ Lab?

“GREEK EXAMS LAB” was created by former collaborators of KEG who possess deep knowledge of the exam’s pitfalls. It is tailored for individuals who have limited time available or those seeking a faster approach.

It consists of two masterclasses, each lasting 2 hours, where students thoroughly explore all sections of the exams, including Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Your tutors in the exam lab will be native Greeks who are experienced teachers and former collaborators/examiners of ΚΕΓ. We will utilize materials developed by ΚΕΓ or past exam papers for all parts of the examination.

What is the objective of the Exams’ Labs? The goal of this lab is to ensure that, by the end of the program, students:

  • Feel more familiar with the exam format.
  • Experience reduced nervousness and increased confidence.
  • Develop readiness to effectively manage the allotted exam time (a crucial aspect not to be underestimated).

What should students expect to learn in the Exams’ Labs?

Students will learn:

  • All the techniques necessary for a successful approach to exam materials.
  • How to effectively extract the relevant information from texts, focusing on the intended message rather than individual words.
  • Strategies for identifying and avoiding common traps, enabling them to uncover correct answers that may be subtly concealed.
  • How to gather all the required information from listening activities, utilizing the provided opportunities, and effectively organizing it on the exam paper.
  • Effective organization of ideas, avoiding structures that often lead to mistakes and, most importantly, maintaining a positive rapport with examiners.

Test your knowledge.

At the end, we will conduct a simulated Oral Exam meeting. We will cover the most common discussion topics, and you will learn how to provide concise and comprehensive answers within the given time constraints. Our focus will be on avoiding linguistic and behavioral mistakes that could adversely affect your results.

Following the LAB, all students will have the opportunity to take an actual test under real exam conditions, and they will receive detailed feedback on their performance using authentic materials.

Join GREEK EXAMS LAB to optimize your preparation quickly and efficiently.

Greek Exams Lab
Greek Exams Lab - A2
Mar 22, 2024
Mar 23, 2024
18:00 - 20:15
11:00 - 13:15
€ 80
Greek Exams Lab - A1
Apr 5, 2024
Apr 6, 2024
18:00 - 20:15
11:00 - 13:15
€ 80
Greek Exams Lab - B1
Apr 12, 2024
Apr 13, 2024
18:00 - 20:15
11:00 - 13:15
€ 80

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