Frequently Asked Questions

Courses and Lessons

What is the difference between Regular and Intensive courses?
How long do the sessions last and what about the breaks?
Where are the lessons given?
How often are new courses offered?
Are there annual courses?
How big are the group courses?
Can somebody join a course after the starting date?
In which language the lessons are given?
Are the teachers native speakers?
To whom are the Conversational courses addressed?
What is the level of the Conversation courses & when do they take place ?
Is it possible to follow a trial lesson?
What happens if I need to miss two or more lessons in a row?

Payment and Discounts

Can I pay per lesson?
Is it possible to pay in terms (instalments)?
Can I get a discount and if yes, how?

Signing In

How can I enroll in a course?
How can I evaluate my level?


Do I need books?
Where can I buy the books?
Is the cost of the books included in the fees?

Exams of Attainment / CEFR

What if I want to participate in CEFR exams?
Registration for the Examination