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Frequently Asked Questions

Courses and lessons

What is the difference between Regular and Intensive courses?
Normal courses are arranged in one 1,5-hour session, per week. Intensive courses are arranged in 2 sessions of 1,5h each per week
How long do the sessions last and what about the breaks?
Every one-hour session has a break of 10 minutes. Sessions start at the exact of the hour and the break comes after 50 min or after 45 min -if it is a 1,5-hour session-. For example, if a lesson is scheduled from 17.00-19.00, the session starts at 17.00 and the break comes at 17.50. 18.00 starts the second hour and the sessions finishes at 18.50.
Where are the lessons given?
The lessons are mainly given in Amsterdam, which is perfect accessible by public transport. This info is always given in the details of the chosen course. If due to unforeseen circumstances the course has to be relocated, you will be informed by e-mail.
How often are new courses offered?
Group courses are offered three times per year:
- Winter Semester (mid-September – end December),
- Spring Semester (January – Mid April,
and Summer semester (mid April - July).
- Semi-private or Private lessons can start any time during the year. Contact us in order to send you an e-mail with the rates, terms and conditions.
Are there annual courses?
All Lato’s courses are organized in three semesters (Winter, Spring and Summer). The second and third semester begin exactly where the previous stops and together they constitute a years' course. This way, those who prefer an annual course can enroll in all semesters. They can do it from the beginning (earning a discount of 5% on the total course fees), or they can just renew their enrolment before the end of the semester they follow. You can have a look at the annual schedule HERE
How big are the group courses?
Lato’s courses remain small (4-8 students). In order to ensure the maximum flexibility and to give enough time to all students to practice their oral skills.
Can somebody join a course after the starting date?
To start a course after the first two lessons is not recommended. If there are specific reasons for wishing to join a course after the first two lessons, this can be discussed with Lato and a different assessment or agreement can be made, which will invalidate the general rule for that specific case.
In which language the lessons are given?
The lessons are given in the language which is being taught (which means Greek). Extra explanations (where and when it is necessary) are given in a second language: English -if the group is mixed- or Dutch.
Are the teachers native speakers?
All the teachers are ot only native Greek but also professionals in teaching specifically Greek as a foreign language. They have an official certification or they are graduates of the corresponding departments of  Greek Universities.
To whom are the Conversational courses addressed?
Conversational lessons are addressed to everybody who wants to practice further the knowledge that s/he takes during his language lessons or s/he already has a knowledge of the language and s/he wants to take the next step. Conversational courses are open to everyone.

Those who participate in a running course of Lato can follow the lessons free of charge.
What is the level of the Conversation courses & when do they take place ?
The minimum required level in order to participate in a Conversation course is A1/ CEFR level. The courses have an ideal result for all participants whose level is lower than B2/ CEFR level. (See How Lato’s courses aim at the CEFR levels ). The lessons run during all semesters and students have the opportunity to speak with each other under the guidance of a teacher and to express their opinion on specific topics. 
Is it possible to follow a trial lesson?
If you wish to follow a trial lesson this is possible only upon agreement and is considered as a (semi) private. The price is €30, it is to be paid in advance as is customary with all fees and in case that somebody decides to join in the class this amount is not deducted from the total tuition.
What happens if I need to miss two or more lessons in a row?
In regular group courses, missed lessons cannot be refunded or replaced on another moment or with another group. However, it’s possible to join the lessons via Skype if this is an option for you. Students remain always responsible for their study and their progress, and in case they need extra help the teacher will always be available before or after (NOT during) the lesson to answer any questions. In case of inevitable situations or reasons which have been discussed in private, the general rule can be waived and your tutor can offer you a private catch-up lesson, but this cannot exceed 2 hours during the whole course.

Payment and Discounts

Can I pay per lesson?
If this concerns a group course, this is not possible. Fees are to be paid in advance. For Private or Semi private lessons, from the beginning there is an arrangement for a specific number of courses and the payment takes place in advance unless otherwise agreed.
Is it possible to pay in terms (instalments)?
This is possible only for annual courses and only after special agreement with Lato.
Can I get a discount and if yes, how?
If you enroll from the beginning of the year in all semesters you are eligible for a discount of 5% on the total course fee. You are also eligible for a discount of 5% if you already participate in one or more of Lato’ s courses and a friend of yours enrolls. If you participate in more activities (workshops etc), ask for more possibilities or send a mail with your question. NOTE: Only one discount per enrollment applies.


How can I enroll in a course?
The only thing you need to do is to have a look at the courses we offer and to find the right one for you. At the end of each level listed there is a ‘Sign up’ link. Use it in order to enroll. If you have any doubts about your level, send us a message in order to take a placement test.

How can I evaluate my level?
If you are not sure about your level, you can always Contact Us for an appointment in order to take a placement test. By means of a multiple-choice test and a short (10 min) conversation, the tutor will be able to evaluate exactly your level and to talk with you about all points of attention, helping you to take the best decision. The charge for the test is 20  euros. This sum will be deducted from the course fees upon enrollment.


Do I need books
In all courses, except the Conversational Courses, a specific method is followed. At the end of the description of each course, you will find the name of the method which will be used. After the first lesson, no copies of the books are delivered and every student is considered to have his or her own books.
Where can I buy the books?
If you want to buy your books, click on the title of the Book (under a course). The site we suggest has the lowest prices we could find on the Dutch market. If however you find a site that offers them cheaper, we would love to hear it!.
Is the cost of the books included in the fees?
The cost of the books is not included in the tuition and the students should acquire the books themselves. For extra material which willbe handed out from time to time during the course, there are no extra charges.

Exams of Attainment / CEFR

What if I want to participate in CEFR exams?
CEFR exams are organized by the Center of Greek Language in Thessaloniki (ΚΕΓ) and in Netherlands they are organized at the UvA. Exams at all levels are held once a year, in mid-May and if you want to participate you need to apply (applications are accepted usually from mid-February until end March). Examinations for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek for Professional Purposes are held three times a year, in January, May, and November. There is always an announcement when the exact dates are known. If you need more info, please ask one of the tutors and he/ she will be more than willing to help you.
Registration for the Examination
The examination for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek is organized by the Center for Greek Language, which is a Private legal entity and the authorized representative of the Ministry of Education. The examination takes place once per year, in the middle of May. if you want to participate you need to apply. Applications are accepted usually from mid-February until the end March and you can do it online. In addition, there are examinations for Professional Purposes which are held three times per year, in January, May, and November. This is something which concerns those who are interested to study in Greece or to apply for a job there. The exact dates are made known through announcements on the web site of KEG. So, if you are interested to work in Greece or to study there, do not hesitate to ask for more info.
Lato's courses and CEFR levels
In this scheme, you can see how Lato’s courses follow CEFR levels.
  • - B1, B2, B3 and B4 are the four Basic courses which cover A1 & 2 of CEFR levels.
  • - I1, I2 and I3 are the Intermediate courses and together with A1 (Advance 1) cover B1 & B2 of CEFR levels.
  • - A2 and A3 cover the perfection CEFR levels C1 & 2.
Levels A1-A3 are offered only under request as the desire of somebody to learn a language at such a level is usually connected with a specific goal. That’s why these levels are offered always under request and tailor-made to the needs of the students. In case you are interested in one of them, contact us and together we will schedule your course. Via e-mail, you will receive all the options and info.