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HyFLex – Hybrid Flexible Lessons Greek

Lato’s lessons embark on a new era as all live courses transition into the HyFlex model. Our goal is to cater to diverse students’ needs and enhance their educational experience.

This decision developed over the course of the past few years. As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted traditional education, we embraced a period of blended learning, leveraging educational tools and online resources to support our students. This experience highlighted the significance of flexibility.

This year, we are enhancing this model by introducing a new level of flexibility: HyFLex – Hybrid Flexible Greek Lessons

Why HyFlex?

We listened to feedback, learned from the challenges, and regenerated our teaching methods to ensure that every student has the opportunity to excel and succeed. By integrating flexibility as a core principle, we are able to personalize the learning experience and empower our students to take ownership of their education.

At Lato, we continue to prioritize the well-being and educational growth of our students through a truly flexible and empowering approach.

What is HyFlex & why it is good for my studies?

HyFlex enables students to engage in learning regardless of their physical location, promoting inclusivity and personalized educational experiences.

What students need to know for their online participation.

Here are some valuable rules for participants in online sessions:

  1. Maintain a professional environment: Avoid distractions and ensure a quiet and well-lit space. Minimize background noise, including TV, music, or conversations in the vicinity.
  2. Focus on the session: Stay engaged and attentive during the online session. Refrain from multitasking or engaging in activities unrelated to the session, such as eating, smoking, or excessive movement.
  3. Be prepared: Have necessary materials, such as books or relevant resources, readily available before the session begins. This helps facilitate active participation and efficient learning.
  4. Camera and microphone etiquette: Keep the camera on unless there are exceptional circumstances. It helps create a sense of presence and connection. Mute the microphone when not speaking to reduce background noise but be ready to unmute when actively participating or asked to contribute.
  5. Respectful communication: Interact with respect and professionalism. Raise a virtual hand or use chat features to ask questions or seek clarification. Avoid disruptive behavior, side conversations, or talking over others.
  6. Follow instructions: Adhere to the facilitator’s guidelines and instructions. This promotes smooth coordination and ensures everyone’s learning experience is maximized.
  7. Dress appropriately: Dress in a manner that is suitable for a professional or academic setting, even when attending online sessions. Proper attire helps maintain a respectful and focused learning environment for everyone involved.

By being mindful of your actions and behaviors, you create a positive and inclusive space that encourages active participation, collaboration, and mutual respect among all learners.