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Professional info:

Katerina Zachari


  • Passionate
  • Communicative
  • Intuitive
  • Pleasant
  • With team spirit
  • Dreamy and serious
  • Able to organise & manage events


  • Ancient Greek
  • Modern Greek
  • English
  • Dutch

I was born in noisy Athens, in beautiful Greece. I have studied Philology, History and Archaeology,  History of Art & Laography in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I did my first professional steps preparing students for their introductive examinations in Greek Universities and tutoring children of immigrants who needed to follow Greek school. That was love on first sight: to discover your language further than the limits you imagined that exist, to transfer your language and your culture to other people and to accept their language and their culture as a life’ s lesson.

For more than 20 years I worked in schools, cultural centres, multinational companies, embassies etc. teaching expats, executives, diplomats and doing always the same thing with the same passion.  My students learned from me Greek and I learned from them to love multiculturality.

Looking behind I can say that every step in my carrier was a new challenge which brought me more experience and extra knowledge. Since 2015 I am in front of a new challenge: ”Lato”. “Lato” is the first official Centre for Greek language & culture in Amsterdam which has the ambition to redefine Greece and bring her closer to her friends in the Nederlands.

Work experience :

  • Educational Organisation ATOMO, Supportive education, 1991-1993.
  • Ancient Greek & Latin/ Specialist in the development of writing skills, 1993-2005.
  • Linguistic Consultant at the Center for Applied Linguistics of Hellenic American Union & Hellenic American University, 2006-2008.
  • Greek language consultant in
    • Italian Embassy, Athens, 2007-2009
    • Hewitt Associates, 2008-2009
    • National Metsoveion Institute of Technology & Clemson University, 2009-2010
    • Embassy of Peru, Athens, 2011
    • Cultural Center ”Greek House”, 2008-2012
    • OPAP SA, 2007-2012
  • Co-operator and examiner of the Center of Greek Language (KEΓ), Thessaloniki, 2003-2016.
  • Freelancer/ Culture and Greek language lessons in Amsterdam NL, 2013-2015
  • “Lato’- Het Griekse Taal- & CultuurCentrum van Amsterdam” 2015- Present


University of Amsterdam 2013-2014Studies in Dutch languageHellenic American University

Use of a ”Writing Center” in teaching & techniques for effective writing & translation -2007.
The use of Writing Centers is a revolutionery system in teaching and studying. With its use you can bring together knowledge and technology with amazing results. In my case I was lucky because “The Writing Center” of H. A. University was and remains the only one in Greece. Hellenic American University 
Methodology Seminars in teaching Greek as a second/ foreign language -2005-2007.

Taking lessons in the oldest institution with this speciality is a great experience. During these seminars, I had the opportunity to combine my passion with knowledge and to take inspiration from my teachers in order to turn my dreams into reality. Aristetelion Panepistimion Thessalonikis Philosophical School, History & Archaeology/ History of Art 1986- 1990 I finished my studies at the University of Thessaloniki, in northern Greece which is supposed to be the top in this field of studies. Languages and culture, ancient ruins and unknown civilisations were and still are my real passion.

My Work

Project 1


Conversation courses (2007-2008)

Organisation of conversational courses for levels B1, B2, selection and development of material.

Project 2


Book “Συνεχίζοντας” – Intermidiate & Preadvanced levels (2007)

Preparation of material for the second edition of the course book Συνεχίζοντας”’, HAU.

Project 3

Certification Gr

Exam material (2007-2010)

Development of exam material and material for the exams of the Greek certification, after the re adjustment of the levels.

Project 4

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

Placement tests (2007-2008)

Development of material for new placement tests for Greek language courses.

Project 5


Lato- Het Griekse Taal- & CultuurCentrum van Amsterdam Amsterdam (2015)

In progress ….

Project 6

Gstronomical tourism

Gastronomical Tourism by Lato and GnC Amsterdam (2017) Events 2017

The ritual of distillation of “tsipouro”(=raki”), Pelion / Central Greece.