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About Lato

I’m Katerina Zachari, founder of Lato. Born in vibrant Athens, Greece, I studied various subjects at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. My journey began by helping students prepare for exams and tutoring immigrant children in Greek schools. It was a love affair, exploring language beyond limits and sharing Greek culture with others.

Since 1995, I’ve worked with Hellenic American University, multinational companies, Embassies, and cultural centers, teaching Greek to expats, executives, diplomats, and their families. Our approach needed to be fast paced, allowing professionals to participate in meetings within six months. Learning was made enjoyable through songs and tales. From my side, the most valuable lesson I learned from my students was to appreciate multiculturalism.

Living in Amsterdam since 2013, I’ve witnessed the Dutch people’s genuine interest in Greek language and culture, despite limited knowledge. I realized that Greece’s true essence was overshadowed by a touristy image. Similarly, the Netherlands is more than just its famous landmarks. It became clear that language and culture go hand in hand.

Same way, children of mixed marriages who grow up in the Netherlands often feel detached when returning to Greece. Their limited language skills can’t bridge the cultural gap caused by exposure to Dutch customs and schooling. Expats’ children, on the other hand, may not speak Greek fluently but thrive in a Greek environment, building a solid social and cultural foundation.

These insights led to the creation of Lato: a private initiative driven by our love for Greek culture and language. We’re grateful for the support and interest in our work. Together, we’ll continue to celebrate and share the beauty of Greek language and culture, infusing our journey with vibrancy, playfulness, and joy.