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Intermediate 2 Mpenaki Museum

My name is Katerina Zachari and I am the founder of Lato.

I was born in noisy Athens, in beautiful Greece. I have studied Philology, History and Archaeology & History of Art at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
I took my first professional steps preparing students for their introductive examinations in Greek Universities and tutoring children of immigrants who needed to follow Greek school. That was love on first sight: to discover your language further than the limits you imagined to exist, to transfer your Greek language and your Greek culture to other people and to accept their language and their culture as a life’s lesson.

Since 1995, I have worked in Hellenic American University, multinational companies, Embassies and cultural centres, doing always the same thing with the same passion. My students were expats, executives, diplomats and often their families and children.
I taught Greek on a professional level, so fast-paced that a diplomat or business executive could follow meetings and participate in them after six months and at the same time as a game through songs and tales. So I knew the rules of this profession at every level.
That is why today I am proud to say that my students learned from me Greek and I learned from them something very important: to love multiculturality.
Since 2013 I live in Amsterdam, in the green Netherlands. Here you experience multiculturality every day and Dutch people love my country and admire her civilization. From the first moment I was enchanted by the way people wanted to come close to the Greek language and culture.
My life here helped me to take my second very important lesson: no knowledge of the language can be obtained without contact with the culture of the place, nor the opposite.

The best proof for this are the children of mixed marriages who live here years long. Most of the times when these children go back to Greece they feel detached. The partial knowledge of the language they may have is unable to fill the cultural vacuum which created through the intensive exposure to the Dutch element, through school and of course the local habits. Saint Vassilis seems good, but Sinterklaas is more “gezellig”! The parents are trying, but the routine absorbs always so much of their time!
On the contrary this is not a problem for expats’ children who may don’t talk so good the language but their life in a Greek environment helps them to create a better social and culture background.

Then I met many more Dutch… I was surprised with their passion for Greece! It is really strange to see people so much interested to learn about Greece and so enthusiast for everything new they learn , when at the same time their knowledge about the country doesn’t go further than one or two places or foods. That worked as a “food for thought” …
An entire culture seems like nonexistent because -unfortunately or fortunately- the tourism industry left it out by the trade model it created. Because, true Greece is not what one gets to know through the tourist guides. This Greece is just like the Holland of the hash, the windmills and the red light district. The purpose is certainly understood and respected – in part -.

All these conclusions were combined in one idea: Lato. And with hard work this idea was turned into reality. Lato is a private initiative which was born and motivated by love: our love and the love of the people of this country for Greece. This love and passion for Greek Culture, Greek Language and what we do is our “recipe” for success. Thank you all for your love and interest for our work.

Why choose us

Our credo is that culture is a unit where all components have the same value: none of them is worth more or less than the others. That’s why we are delighted to bring our friends in contact with that in which they are most interested THROUGH


-experienced teachers
-relaxed environment
-emphasis on speaking skills


-taste real Greek food
-use premium products
-professional guidance


-music events
-dance events
-book presentations


-learn Greek 'on the spot'
-discover local traditions, habits and symbolisms
-taste real Greek traditional dishes



Koster Marja
Εducational consultant

Koster Marja

Na een aantal jaren Griekse lessen gevolgd te hebben bij diverse docenten, is mijn ervaring met Katerina, dat zij op een speelse wijze les geeft en daarbij is zij ook heel flexibel in het gebruik van het lesmateriaal en geeft moeiteloos een aanvulling op materiaal indien gewenst. Een sterk punt van Katerina is dat zij middels een terugblik op de les de essenties van de les kan weergeven, aangekleed met voorbeelden en dat geeft voor mij een betere beklijving.

Adri Mul

Adri Mul

"The Greek lessons are really amazing, for me I wanted a bit more customized lesson. I wanted to focus mainly on small talk and learning basic communication. With Katerina, it has been amazing! She is really flexible and understood what I needed. I am learning a lot during the lessons, and I don’t know how she does it, but she stimulates me to study more and keep me motivated. I can really recommend to everybody that is looking to learn to speak Greek."

Annet van Zalinge
Salon/ Eigenaar

Annet van Zalinge

Na ruim een jaar 1 keer per week privéles van Katerina heb ik heel veel geleerd van de Griekse taal. Wij hebben vooral de nadruk gelegd op de spreekvaardigheid. Heel duidelijk en geduldig heeft ze mij een stap verder geholpen en ik ben heel blij om de taal inmiddels enigszins te kunnen spreken en lezen. Dus, kort samengevat, ik ben heel erg tevreden en heb veel geleerd. Dank, Katerina!

Steffen Möller

Steffen Möller

"Katerina is a very enthusiastic, dedicated, and patient teacher who has a great love & passion for the Greek language & culture and the ability to inspire the same love & passion in her students."

Claudia Italiander

Claudia Italiander

I really enjoyed coming to my lessons at Lato. Greek may be a difficult language to learn, but because of Katerina's clear explanations and enthousiam I learned a lot in a short amount of time. Because of the lessons I improved my level and understanding of the Greek language. I would definitely recommend her lessons. 

Lars Ebert
Board of Directors / Stichting Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam

Lars Ebert

“Katerina offers a fully tailor made solution. For our hectic lives and volatile agendas working with Katerina is perfect; she keeps us going and even if we do not keep up with everything as planned she adjusts the plan smoothly so that always we get the best learning experience out of it. Exploring the Greek language and culture with her is fun and I really feel that finally there is a perspective to communicate in the foreign language. We learn in small steps but it is a great experience and I will keep going. Thanks Katerina!”

Rosita van Oss Roset
Pianist & Piano teacher

Rosita van Oss Roset

Katerina is de liefste en meest geduldige lerares die ik ooit gehad heb! Ze stopt hart en ziel in haar vak en daarbij ook nog eens een flinke portie humor. Haar warme en hartelijke persoonlijkheid, samen met haar vakkennis en jarenlange leservaring, maken haar lessen inspirerend en motiverend om Grieks te leren!

David Smith

David Smith

"I had a fantastic experience learning greek with Lato! I previously had some lessons in the UK and picked up a little vocabulary on my trips to Greece but I did not have too much confidence when speaking. The methods and lesson structure used by Katerina really helped to build my confidence and ability, I would recommend Lato to anyone looking to learn Greek while in Amsterdam!"

Ingrid Vermeulen

Ingrid Vermeulen

Katerina is a true great teacher. She is dedicated, enthousiastic and teaches from the heart. Above all her qualities as a teacher she has a lovely personality. Im always looking forward to the next lesson!

Akke Boere
Operations Manager / Doctors without Borders

Akke Boere

I am very happy with the Greek lessons with Katerina! I really enjoy it, glad to have private lessons now which is so different than in a group. I am limited in my time to invest in Greek, as I have a busy job and family, but my one hour per week is the best. Katerina is patient, clear and adjusts to my pace and knowledge. I feel I learn fast with her and she gives confidence in starting to speak little by little (I am a beginner..) I look forward to continuing!

Pamela Funes
Sworn Translator

Pamela Funes

Katerina’s teaching approach and focus on conversation makes learning Greek easier and fun! And for those difficult and tricky concepts, she always comes up with a simple and original example to make the learning process much more smoother and natural.

Giuseppe Giacalone
Capo dell'Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico e Risorse per la Comunicazione / Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale

Giuseppe Giacalone

“Can you learn Greek fast and also have fun? “Language learning is like sport"…you only get better with practice. I met Katerina when I was working at the Embassy of my country in Athens. It was relaxed, but also challenging. Katerina's teaching approach boosts students' confidence. They enjoy the lesson and want to speak more and more. Sometimes it is difficult, sometimes it is funny; but in the end you realise you have learned a lot in a short time!

Liesbeth Visser
Pedicure and feet-reflexologist / Visser Medisch Pedicure

Liesbeth Visser

Hello I am Liesbeth Visser, my profession is Pedicure and feet-reflexologist. I travel several times to Rhodes in Greece, for personal and professional reasons. That's why I have private lessons from Katerina, which gives me the feeling that I get her fully attention and I learn much faster than in a class. I started last year and I continue my lessons this year. It's never late to learn this beautiful language which with Katerina becomes easier than it is and understandable. I recommend Katharina Zachari because she is serious, she is clear, she has patience with you and she is very nice.

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