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Agenda Greek Virtual Classrooms

Why Zoom?

Zoom is more than an online conferencing App. It is a powerful video conferencing-based software that was designed to promote collaboration at a high level, offering at the same time a full spectrum of modern conferencing tools. It offers easiness and flexibility. In addition, you do not need to download it, but you will get an invitation link from you teacher by email in order to enter your virtual classroom.

Free Trial online lesson

You find the idea of an online course interesting but you have no previous experience with online lessons? This is not at all a problem. Lato offers you a trial lesson of 30 minutes where you can get to know a bit how your virtual class works. Also, you will have the opportunity to talk about your motivation to learn Greek and your goals. Of course, you can take your time to ask anything you may think that it would be good to know before to book an online course. You can book your course online, through Lato’s website.

Your trial lesson step by step

If you wish to take a trial lesson before to book a course,

  1.  you need to send a message via the Contact Form of Lato’s website and arrange an appointment, a specific day and time when you and your teacher can meet online. If you need a placement evaluation, you can ask to receive an evaluation test which you can take before the meeting. If you prefer not to do the written test, but discuss your level during the free trial, this is also an option.
  2. As soon as you make an appointment, you will receive an invitation link.
  3. The day of your appointment, follow the link in order to enter your meeting. Your teacher will be there waiting for you. You are kindly asked to be on time in order to take all the scheduled time.

Your trial lesson does not need a special preparation. The idea is a relaxed “coffee break” where

  • you can discuss about your special needs or goals with regard to learning Greek.
  • You can have a better look how a virtual class work and what it offers. Feel free to ask the teacher about the one or the other.
  • In case you have already taken an evaluation test, you share it on screen with the teacher in order to find exactly your level or special needs.
  • Of course, it is the right time to discuss any questions you may have about course content or used material.

At the end of the trial lesson, you can tell the teacher about your feeling and you can enroll in one of Lato’s Virtual or live courses, using the registration form. Good to know: If you are more than 15 minutes late, the teacher will not be anymore online and you need to schedule another appointment.