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Discover unknown Greece

  • Unknown destinations
  • Greek traditions
  • Mythology
  • History
  • Archaeology

Have you travelled to Greece several times? Or do you know Greece only as a sunny destination through some posters in a travel agency, advertisements in magazines and TV?

To whatever category you belong, think a bit about how far your knowledge about this sunny destination goes. And then you may find out -most probably- that your knowledge doesn't go further than a couple of beaches, souvlaki, tzatziki, raki or maybe Zorbas and his thrilling dance!

But Greece is more than anything else an idea which lives through its culture, traditions, rituals and ... hidden symbolisms. Maybe you think you need nothing of that in order to enjoy your sunny vacations there. But in this case, you will never understand the real character of the country, what makes it special and unique; and in a way it would be similar as to have travelled in any other Mediterranean country with blue sea and sandy beaches.

If you don't want to remain a tourist but you would like to take out of your vacations something more than what you earn with an "all inclusive" package, join us in our regular presentations, events and travels. There is always a theme where a specific area is combined with its traditions, local foods and products, stories, maybe forgotten rituals and myths with forgotten roots. Sometimes we cover also beaches and places, known only to locals which are worth to visit. Maybe you don't want to miss it.

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Cultural presentations are also offered on demand for a special event you organize. Contact us at least one month in advance.