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Creative kids

Creative Kids is a series of creative workshops for children from 5-8 years old. They target children of Greek origin who speak already Greek and they aim -through play and creative activities- to create the first bond of the child with his roots and the environment and to strengthen his ability to express him- or herself through his or her native language (Greek).

Creative Kids workshops follow the school program. This means that there are no activities during the school holidays and on public holidays. Each group does not exceed the number of 6 to 7 children, in order to be better supervised.

Occasionally it might happen that there are no empty spots in the groups. That’s why we prefer to confirm availability always before your enrolment. As soon as you receive a confirmation mail you can complete your enrolment with the payment part.

Are you interested? Contact us in order to confirm there are still empty spots.

Due to all uncertainties regarding Covid-19 the Program for the workshops remains to be published.

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