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“Let’s go for a coffee!”, … in Greece

20 May 2023,

Many important things can start very simple. In this case only one sentence is enough:  Πάμε για καφέ; (Shall we go for coffee? ). Because coffee in Greece is a very strong part of the country’s cultural identity. Drinking coffee in Greece is not just a break of the day. A whole ritual goes with […]

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Bread: more than just food!

4 February 2023,

The history of bread in the world It belongs to our everyday life and is one of the things with the longest history. We are talking of course about bread. “Kneaded” with the history of man and identified with food, survival, worship, and enjoyment. But bread is something more than all of these: it was […]

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Golden donkeys vs economic crisis!

2 April 2023,

At a time when the only “horses” we know are those of our car engine, it’s hard for someone to remember the humble “donkey”. His scientific name is Equus asinus and it is clearly an animal that up till now is known for its character. For many is a symbol of humility but often – […]

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Pelion Confidential

6 February 2023,

It was a beautiful day in mid-October. Although the autumn had made its presence clear enough during the previous weeks,something which made the beautiful mountain of the Centaurs look very dark and melancholic, this year we were very lucky and the weather was absolutely summer-like.

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Everything You Need to Know About Greek Mezedes

29 January 2023,

​Mezedakia are more a concept than an established array of dishes. These small plate foods can be eaten as a main course or an appetizer. It all depends on how they’re served!

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Cyprus Commandaria: The wine of kings!

14 May 2023,

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Cyprus is home to the oldest wine produced in the world.

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