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Kyra Sarakosti or Lady Lent: the peculiar Easter calendar!

28 February 2023,

“Lady Lent”, “Kyra Sarakosti” in Greek, comes with the end of the Carnival and remains until Easter. Lady Lent is a custom that one could find all over Greece and it was a peculiar calendar which was used to count down the weeks of Lent until Easter. Even though Kyra Sarakosti was almost forgotten for […]

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Modern Exarchia: a Do or a Don’t for the visitor?

11 April 2023,

Exarchia ….  tear gas in the air, graffiti everywhere, broken windows and some older people complaining to reporters about the lawlessness of their area. “It wasn’t always like this… they say”. The different names of Exarchia in time But what is Exarchia and what exactly happens in this small corner of the city? Where is the […]

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The story of the kite

19 April 2023,

Clean Monday is the last day of Carnival and the beginning of the fasting period before Easter. This day the sky is filled with colorful kites, as it is the custom on this day. The kite-flying and its’ dance on the wind, high up in the blue sky, indicates the lifting and the purification of […]

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Cyprus Commandaria: The wine of kings!

14 May 2023,

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Cyprus is home to the oldest wine produced in the world.

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