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Tempi: the enchanted valley

4 April 2023,

Ten kilometers of magnificent scenery along Pinios River and a 25 meter wide canyon is enough to excite the imagination. Valley of Tempi: a monument of the nature The valley is created by the separation of two mountains (Olympus and Kissavos) after an earthquake. Then, according to historians, all water that covered the plain […]

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Towers of Mani & the spirit of warriors

3 June 2023,

The towers of Mani: made of stone like the landscape, tall, with no special decorations and full of pride they stand there; they are the guards of Mani. They guard the dignity of a clan (=Patria), the tradition of hospitality, the local customs and legends. Michael Palaiologos attempted in 1415 to limit the height of […]

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Santorini & the art of survival.

7 June 2023,

The island of Santorini has written one of the most beautiful stories about the eternal struggle of man with nature. As Santorini is strongly associated with the action of the volcano, the people of the island always needed to find ways to survive and to create. Yet they never lost courage. ” The island of […]

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Crete: the island of the hidden caves

22 June 2023,

According to the Greek Speleological Society, there are around three thousand caves scattered around Crete. Many of these caves are open to the public and they make the difference to the island’s scenery. People lived in caves thousands of years ago. But in Crete, caves were more than a natural shelter. Originally, they were used […]

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Kalami: the abandoned village of Crete

24 January 2023,

It could be a village of war-torn Syria. A village that was marked by the war and forced its inhabitants to abandon it, in order to save themselves. Although the images of the recent past come back to fill us with sadness and unanswered questions. Children running and playing carefree in the streets and men […]

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The bad omens which foretold the end of Alexander the Great

29 March 2023,

Shortly before the Great Alexander died, bad signs appeared on the horizon (“ioní” as the ancient Greeks called them). These, according to many, announced the death of the great king. Others again express the opinion that these signs were directed by some who secretly wove the plan of the murder of the great conqueror and […]

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Greek Easter in White background!

9 March 2023,

Easter is just around the corner, just like the fever of preparations. Especially in Greece it is one of the most important celebrations of the year and is distinguished by its strong religiosity and its family character. Welcoming Easter with white colour! Because of the season, everyone is attempting a small escape to the countryside […]

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Cuckoo: the winged clock of spring

17 January 2023,

The cuckoo shouted. Is spring here? The cuckoo is in Greek tradition closely related to spring, just like the swallow. Both migratory birds leave Greece when the weather cools down and return back in spring. So, their appearance marks the passage into a new era and identifies the regeneration of nature. From there, the proverbial […]

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The friendly ghost of Harmena comes always with Carnaval.

22 June 2023,

Traditions, ghosts and Carnaval Legends always remains a significant part of our traditional background. And even if we know that they have nothing to do with the reality, we keep them as a secret treasure. One of them is the “ghost of Harmena”  in Central Greece (in the region of Amfissa) which comes always in […]

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Epirus: Greece carved in stone.

22 April 2023,

Greece: a small country, which seems to be made of water and stone, bathing in the light of the Mediterranean sun. For sure, most of the visitors recognize it as the country of the absolute “blue”, through her beaches and her cloudless sky. Only a few know her other side: the one that experienced craftsmen […]

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The Christmas Tree Story

16 February 2023,

One of the most famous Christmas traditions is the Christmas tree. Since the 20th century, it has become very popular in many city centres and stores. But how did the Christmas tree arrive till today? When and how its long history began? According to some researchers, the tradition of decorating trees or pieces of trees […]

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Zakynthos: the famous Navagio & its story.

7 April 2023,

Zakynthos, the island of music, poetry, hospitality … A corner of the Ionian Sea that stands out thanks to its distinct culture and customs. That is why many gave the island the name “Florence of the East”. Its unique traditions, its uncommon tastes, its sunsets (less touristic than Santorini’ s but likewise unforgettable) and finally […]

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The symbol of Vergina: the unknown symbolisms behind the rays of a much-discussed ‘Sun’.

20 January 2023,

The golden larnax of Vergina (Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki) Much has been written and told about the much discussed symbol of Vergina. Some call it a star, others call it a sun … The only sure thing however is that all of them are referring to the same symbol which is depicted on the golden “box” (maybe […]

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Kalymnos & the last sponge-divers of the Aegean

3 February 2023,

It belongs to the Dodecanese, it is just 20km from the Turkish coast and is known to all the mountain climbers for its mountains. It is none other than beautiful Kalymnos. The “soft gold” of Kalymnos The locals use to say “When God created the earth, He just flung a few rocks in the direction […]

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Old Athens & its faded history

25 March 2023,

Sitting in one of the many cafes in the shadow of the once holy (now only touristic) hill of the Acropolis, we enjoy a cup of hot coffee, Greek, or one of the European styled we have grown accustomed to in recent years. In the hustle of the modern city, in an environment with old-fashioned […]

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First May in Greece and … what do the donkeys on the rooftops?

20 February 2023,

May Day is one of the few holidays that do not carry any religious meaning. Also, it is not a day connected just to labour rights. Since antiquity it is mainly a day related to the fruitfulness of the earth, the end of the winter and the coming of the summer. That is why it […]

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“Ai Giorgis” (St George), the Victory-bearing knight of the spring

14 April 2023,

Ai Giorgis, the patron of farmers and breeders April 23 is a special day in Greece. It is the feast day of St. George and the second milestone day in the year, after the feast day of St. Demetrios. It is identified with the coming of spring, the sowing and transfer of the flocks to […]

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Greek Carnival

1 February 2023,

February is the last winter month; everyone is already bored with cold and rain and snow and is looking forward to warmer days. However, everybody loves and welcomes February because he brings the first signs of spring. That is why in Greece people use to say: ” Ο Φλεβάρης κι αν φλεβίσει, καλοκαίρι θα μυρίσει”. Which […]

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Lake Ziros, an undiscovered Paradise

2 January 2023,

According to a folk legend two sisters, one rich and one poor, were in dispute with each other because of the plump children of the poor one who were fed with the leftovers of the rich. Eventually a rupture occurred in the relation of two sisters and the poor left her house in order to start a new life far away on the mountains.

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The Spinaloga of Pelion & a saint

15 February 2023,

When limited knowledge and prejudice create communities like the one of Spinaloga,
always some visionary people write  their own story….

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The blue lagoon of Greece

15 March 2023,

… This place has its own different clock.
Here the time is measured according to the fish of each season and their growth…

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Pelion Confidential

6 February 2023,

It was a beautiful day in mid-October. Although the autumn had made its presence clear enough during the previous weeks,something which made the beautiful mountain of the Centaurs look very dark and melancholic, this year we were very lucky and the weather was absolutely summer-like.

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Cyprus Commandaria: The wine of kings!

14 May 2023,

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Cyprus is home to the oldest wine produced in the world.

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