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Lake Ziros, an undiscovered Paradise

A small and idyllic lake of Preveza crowned by a lakeside dense forest.
It is ideal for an easy exploration or a relaxed day in nature.

The folk myth 

According to a folk legend, two sisters lived in this place. The one was very rich and jealous and the other very poor. She was so poor that she fed her children with the leftovers of her rich sister. Despite this, her children were very healthy, something which made the rich sister very jealous because her children were very weak. This became the reason that finally caused a rupture in the relation of the two sisters and the poor left her house in order to start a new life far away, in the mountains.

On her way, an angel appeared and told her not to turn back to look at what would happen because then she would be turned into a pillar of salt. Soon, a terrifying earthquake took place and the whole area collapsed, including the house of the rich sister. The poor sister was frightened and turned back to see. But the same moment she was turned into stone, together with her donkey and kids. The earthquake is said to have created the beautiful Ziros lake and the statue of the poor woman is -as is being told- the large rock in the east of the lake.

The reality.

​Of course, the scientific explanation for the creation of the lake is completely different from the myth which was created by the folk’s imagination.

Ziros lake was created due to earthquake activities in the area. Geologists believe that in the past the lake was a lake cave but the ceiling collapsed about 10,000 years ago. No matter its origins, the result is a beautiful lake with a unique biotope almost untouched by man. Lake Ziros is a major attraction – it looks like a Swiss landscape – and it was relatively unknown to the public, as it was not listed in tourist guides. It is located 4.5 km. west of Fillipiada in the area of Preveza.

The whole area is about 420 hectares and the depth of the lake is measured at 70 meters. The lake is surrounded by dense vegetation with many species of trees and other plants. The water houses different kinds of fish and other aquatic organisms. On the banks you can even find otters, which is proof of the purity and quality of the water. In 1999 Ziros Lake was included in the program Natura 2000.

Ziros lake is an ideal destination for lovers of hiking, boating and cycling and here you can enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of nature.

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