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Greek for on Holidays

Lato is revolutionizing the way you learn Greek for holiday needs by offering you the freedom to expand your language skills as much as you desire. Join Lato’s Academy Language Labs for a series of Survival Greek lessons designed specifically for your holiday needs. In just a few short sessions, you’ll learn the essential phrases […]

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Greek Holidays Survival Lab – part 2

Welcome to our Survival Holidays Language Labs! On the way to Communication – part 2 Hungry for language learning? Join our “Foodie Frenzy” session and become a pro at ordering delicious meals and refreshing drinks in Greek! From moussaka to souvlaki, you’ll be able to confidently navigate menus, ask for recommendations, and satisfy your taste […]

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Greek Alphabet Lab

Hey there! This announcement is for all of you who love Greece. Have you ever wanted to learn Greek but thought that the alphabet is the most challenging part? Well, remember, just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s necessarily difficult! It’s time to take the plunge and make a start. Join our exciting workshop […]

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Greek Exams Lab

What is the Exams’ Lab? “GREEK EXAMS LAB” was created by former collaborators of KEG who possess deep knowledge of the exam’s pitfalls. It is tailored for individuals who have limited time available or those seeking a faster approach. It consists of two masterclasses, each lasting 2 hours, where students thoroughly explore all sections of […]

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Greek Holidays Survival Lab – part 1

Welcome to our Survival Holidays Language Labs On the way to Communication – part 1 This is the inaugural session of an exciting series, and it’s undoubtedly the most captivating part—the beginning of your journey. It all starts with a single step and a cheerful “Γεια σου!” (Hello). In this lively and engaging class, you’ll […]

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