The “lame”February.

WhyFebruary has only 28 days instead of 30 or 31?
The folk version …

Why February has only 28 days?

According to a myth, January, February and March harvested once their vines. But the year was bad and the wine little. So, as there was no better solution, they decided to put their wine in a common barrel and to take it from there when they wanted to drink.
Everyone put their own faucet and all of them laughed with February who put his own lower than the others. They were mocking him saying that he’ s going to drink the dregs but he had his purpose…

Every day he visited the barrel and drank wine. This way,  soon he had drank not only his own part but also his brothers’ who when they visited the barrel found it empty and next to it the drunk February. Of course, they got angry, but they could ‘t do anything, and as a punishment  (as the myth says) they took one day each from their brother. So they got 31 days while Februari stayed with 28.

That’s why he is called Koutsoflebaro (= lame Februari). But there are more options about that ….

lame February


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