Common Greek fox-proverbs

The fox is an animal well-known because of its beauty and cunningness. That’s why there are so many expressions in all languages and countries.
In Greece some very common “fox- expressions” are:



        1.What does the fox look for in the bazaar?

A cunning person never risks exposing himself in a public place where everybody can see him.

       2. When again a younger person thinks that he knows more than an older, a very common expression is 

 the fox has hundred and the little fox hundred one.

      3. The same fox is never caught twice in the same trap.

You never cheat a cunning person twice in the same way.

     4. The fox and her child have the same pelt“.

One’s capabilities are not always a matter of age.

      5. What the fox can’t reach, he makes hangers/ says is unripe.

When one fails in something, the most common excuse is that it is insignificant or does not fit him.

      6. As much as the fox reads the Sultans’ orders, her pelt still goes to the bazaar.

As much as a wicked man wants to show how he has changed, he always gets caught up in the end.

      7. The fox searches for birds.

  The wicked man is looking for naive victims

     8. The fox is rejoicing in stormwinds.

The wicked man takes advantage of moments of discomfort more easily to achieve what he wants

     9. A sleeping fox catches no hens.

If you want to achieve something, you have to keep your eyes open.

     10. He made the oath of the fox.

For someone who is a hypocrite and a liar.

      11. Even when the fox is hidden, its tail shows.

No matter how the wicked man wants to hide, he never does it perfectly.

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