Zakynthos: the famous Navagio & its story.

Zakynthos, the island of music, poetry, hospitality … A corner of the Ionian Sea that stands out thanks to its distinct culture and customs. That is why many gave the island the name “Florence of the East”. Its unique traditions, its uncommon tastes, its sunsets
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Kalymnos & the last sponge-divers of the Aegean

The “soft gold” of Kalymnos It belongs to the Dodecanese, it is just 20km from the Turkish coast and is known to all the mountain climbers for its mountains. It is none other than beautiful Kalymnos. The locals use to say “When God created the
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Athens in time

Old Athens & its faded history

Sitting in one of the many cafes in the shadow of the once holy (now only touristic) hill of the Acropolis, we enjoy a cup of hot coffee, Greek, or one of the European styled we have grown accustomed to in recent years. In the
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Greek Carnival

February is the month of Carnaval. In Greece Carnaval is called also Apokries , it means “abstaining from meat” and its purpose is to prepare man mentally for Easter and Resurrection. The origin of Greek Carnival February is the month of Carnaval. In Greece Carnaval
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Lake Ziros, an undiscovered Paradise

According to a folk legend two sisters, one rich and one poor, were in dispute with each other because of the plump children of the poor one who were fed with the leftovers of the rich. Eventually a rupture occurred in the relation of two sisters and the poor left her house in order to start a new life far away on the mountains.
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